09 01/14

Slope Stabilisation works commenced in Mt. Keira Road, Wollongong

Specialised Geo has started the rock stabilisation works on a section of slope alongside Mt Keira Road, below the Scout Camp access road.

The rock stabilisation project has been awarded to Specialised Geo by the Wollongong City to address rock fall and landslide hazards on various sections of Mt Keira Road. The geotechnical investigations conducted by the Council in various rock fall area of Mt Keira Road discovered that the sites had deteriorated significantly, and that the road poses serious threat to public safety due to a combination of hazards from falling rocks, landslides and a large increase in the cross fall of the road.

Specialised Geo will undertake scaling and stabilisation of the upper cliff face. Specifically, the team will be conducting the following works in the area:
Upper Slope Works:

• Rock scaling, vegetation clearing & embankment regrading
• Rock catch fence installation
• Rock doweling
• Shotcreting
• Rock fall meshing
• Installation of Vertical columns
• Disposal of unsuitable materials

Lower Embankment Works:

• Rock Anchors
• Inclined drains
• Scour protection & slope stabilisation
• Guard rail removal
• Concrete road widening
• Disposal of unsuitable materials

Specialised Geo’s work commenced on the 12th of December 2013 and the stabilisation project is expected to complete by the end of March this year. Mount Keira Road is fully closed between the Archery Range and the Scout Camp within the duration of the project due to the risk of rock falls and road slippage.

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