15 01/14

Access Solutions Specialists

Spec Geo offers a number of access solutions, tailored to the requirements of the job and executed with the greatest degree of care and skill.

Access solutions include rope access, crane box access, elevated platform works and use of helicopters and technician portable equipment.

Our crane boxes enables us to work efficiently even in the most difficult access sites. We use pneumatic rigs or hydraulic options as well as technician portable equipment such as purpose-built dismountable rigs to undertake work in limited spaces. We use helicopters to transport our lightweight equipment in areas where vehicle access is prohibited.

Specialised Geo team is also one of Australia”s experts in rope access. We use this technique to mitigate access concerns that involves rock slope deterioration and unstable environments. Elevated platform work, on the other hand, is a methods that is commonly used by the team for safely working at heights. Specialised Geo has now designed lightweight drill rigs made from aluminium and nylon to meet safe workloads in elevating platforms.

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