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River Road is classified as a Regional road which has a traffic volume of around 20,000 vehicles per day. The embankment in question is on the southern side of River Road and supports a section of roadway adjacent to Standish Street and opposite property no’s. 146 to 150 River Road. In this area River Road has three traffic lanes, with two lanes eastbound and one lane west bound.

Lane Cove Council noticed signs of instability in the embankment in the form of cracks and scouring. Council subsequently engaged Jeffery & Katauskas Pty Ltd to do a preliminary investigation to provide recommendations for its stabilisation.

On March 21, 2016, River Road Embankment Stabilisation using Soil Nails at River Road tender for Lane Cove Council has been awarded to Specialised Geo with a tender price of ​$846,700 (excl. GST).

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This video is a compilation of photos of Specialised Geo slope remediation and geotechnical works at Mt. Keira, Wollongong, NSW. The project involved rock scaling, vegetation clearing & embankment regrading, rock catch fence installation, rock doweling, shotcreting, rockfall meshing, installation of Vertical columns and disposal of unsuitable materials in the upper slope; and rock anchors installation, inclined drains, scour protection & slope stabilisation, guard rail removal, concrete road widening and disposal of unsuitable materials in the lower embankment.

Visit our Featured Projects page to see other difficult access and slope stabilisation works that Specialised Geo have completed.

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Mt. Keira Road,Before & After stabilisation works.  CLICK TO SEE HOW MT. KEIRA ROAD LOOKS NOW


Wollongong City Council are organising a Community walk to celebrate the reopening of Mt. Keira Road.  Illawara residents are being encouraged to participate in this event on November 8th, 2014.    Participants can enter either the 6.5-kilometre “School2Summit” cycle climb, kicking off from Edmund Rice College, or the 5-kilometre Summit Walk, starting from Mt Keira Demonstration School.  Return shuttle buses from the lookout will be free for walkers.

In November 2013, The Wollongong City Council have contracted Specialised Geo to undertake the road remediation geotechnical works at Mt Keira Road to reduce slope instability risk in the area and subsequently re-open the road to traffic with an acceptable level of risk. Specialised Geo have completed the job on both the upper cliff face and the lower embankments in July 2014.

Click here to see Specialised Geo in action, during the geotechnical remediation works at Mt. Keira Rd.


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Landslip repair works site , Upper Possum Shoot Road, Byron Bay, NSW. (Photo credit:  Byron Shire Council)

Landslip repair works site , Upper Possum Shoot Road, Byron Bay, NSW. (Photo credit: Byron Shire Council)

Specialised Geo have started landslip repair works on the Upper Possum Shoot Road, Byron Bay, NSW, which has been closed since February 2013. The job will involve soil nailing construction techniques together with road pavement, stormwater drainage and associated infrastructure repair and construction.

The team have installed road barriers and the road at the work site is closed to all to road users including pedestrians and cyclists, however, access for residents will still be available from either end of the road.

The works are expected to be completed by November, weather permitting.

The job was awarded to Specialised Geo by Byron Shire Council. For more details on the repairs on this site, FOLLOW our Facebook Page or please go to www.byron.nsw.gov.au.

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Specialised Geo CEO Rachel Metcalf presented to the members of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) & LGEA during the Illawarra Region of Councils Engineers Group Meeting on 7th August, 2014.

Earlier that day, the group inspected the Specialised Geo’s recently completed geotechnical stabilisation project at Mt. Keira Road.

Mark Roebuck, the Regional Projects Coordinator at NSW Public Works, and our CEO Rachel Metcalf and Administration Manager Leann Doherty presented and explained to the group all the works undertaken at the area.

The meeting was hosted by Wollongong City Council and sponsored by Specialised Geo.

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