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Specialised Geo is one of Australia”s leading experts in large and small scale rockbolting applications. Rockbolting is a method for stabilising rock in situations that require excavation or tunneling such as mining, road and rail construction or for private residences.


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In November 2013, The Wollongong City Council authorised the Specialised Geo to carry out the road remediation geotechnical works at Mt Keira Road.The purpose of the project is to reduce slope instability risk in the area and subsequently re-open the road to traffic with an acceptable level of risk.

It can be recalled that the area below the Scout Camp access road was kept closed after the Council found out that the area poses a high risk to the travelling public due to rock falls or slope instability.

Specialised Geo Team is currently working on the site to address the slope instability issues of both the upper cliff face and the lower embankments. The works are expected to be completed by the end of March 2014.

The team”s stabilisation works will later allow road upgrade works to take place in the area

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Flexible rockfall barriers or catch fences are energy absorbing and deforming as they are hit by falling debris. This characteristic allows these fences to withstand energies up to 5000kj.

Specialised Geo is highly experienced in constructing and installing these fences in a number of challenging environments. See our past works on our Youtube Channel or just click the video below.


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Shotcrete is a pneumatically sprayed concrete that is highly effective in finishing and securing surfaces in road, rail and residential projects.  It is also a groundbreaking development in the construction and mining industries and a cost effective and innovative solution for projects that have difficult access and/or require a refined finish.

Specialised Geo’s expertise in application of shotcrete has been put to use in many small scale and large scale rockfall stabilisation and other projects.

See video to have a glimpse of Specialised Geo team’s past works where its expertise in shotcrete application has been put into use.

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Rockbolting is one of the methods being used to stabilise rock in situations that need excavation or tunnelling. This method is normally being used to maximize safety in hazardous environments such as in mining, road and rail construction and maintenance, tunnel construction, in rural environments and even in private residences.

Specialised Geo team has wide range of experience in large and small scale rock bolt installation projects.


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