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Specialised Geo is an Australian owned company specialising in geotechnical solutions for civil, construction, mining and maintenance projects. We have particular expertise in working in difficult, hazardous and inaccessible sites throughout Australia.   We draw on our extensive experience and utilise the latest technology, machinery and methodology to provide economical and efficient solutions for organisations…




Specialised Geo is one of Australia”s leading experts in large and small scale rockbolting applications. Rockbolting is a method for stabilising rock in situations that require excavation or tunneling such as mining, road and rail construction or for private residences.  

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Spec Geo offers a number of access solutions, tailored to the requirements of the job and executed with the greatest degree of care and skill. Access solutions include rope access, crane box access, elevated platform works and use of helicopters and technician portable equipment. Our crane boxes enables us to work efficiently even in the…

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Specialised GEO’s CEO Rachel Metcalf was honoured to present to the sponsors and members of the Bowen Basin Open Cut Geotechnical Society (BBOCGS) during its last quarter meeting held at Clermont Mine in Queensland on 12th December 2013. Rachel, in her presentation, provided an overview of Specialised Geo as a company, and respectively presented its…

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Specialised Geo has started the rock stabilisation works on a section of slope alongside Mt Keira Road, below the Scout Camp access road. The rock stabilisation project has been awarded to Specialised Geo by the Wollongong City to address rock fall and landslide hazards on various sections of Mt Keira Road. The geotechnical investigations conducted…

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In November 2013, The Wollongong City Council authorised the Specialised Geo to carry out the road remediation geotechnical works at Mt Keira Road.The purpose of the project is to reduce slope instability risk in the area and subsequently re-open the road to traffic with an acceptable level of risk. It can be recalled that the…

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