Active Mitigation

Shotcrete Active

Anchored Mesh

This system combines rockbolting unstable geology with meshing systems in a pattern specific to the site requirements.
This is particularly suited to sites with constraints at the shoulder or toe of the site for the debris to gather, for example, proximity to a railway track.
Anchored mesh netting is also a highly desirable option for high wall and portal entry stabilisation in both open and underground mines.


Rockbolting is a highly effective and reliable method for addressing safety risks caused by unstable or fractured rocks, which may threaten site safety or infrastructure and operations by toppling, sliding or buckling.

Rockbolting works by pulling together unstable masses of rock, transferring the load from an unstable exterior rock, to a more stable interior rock
The equipment we use for rockbolting is varied and highly adaptable, ensuring access to any environment or terrain.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is often used to stabilise soil slopes in embankments, corridors and cuttings.

Soil nailing is also effective as a remedial measure for stabilising existing retaining walls and slopes. The soil nail provides tensile and shear resistance by penetrating the loose upper soil layer, in a close grid pattern, into the ground beneath to form a stable structure.

Our team at Specialised Geo has extensive knowledge and experience in all types of soil nailing projects, utilising various machines and wagon mounted rigs for difficult access projects.


Specialised Geo uses shotcrete to adhere to and stabilise surfaces for tunnelling, mining environments and for vertical excavations where steel mesh is difficult and slow to install.

Shotcrete can also be a perfect solution for difficult access projects, and can be installed in a fraction of the time of other rockfall protection solutions.