Industrial Rope Access


Specialised Geo provides specialist services in twin rope access for industrial construction and maintenance projects. With a proven safety record in industrial works, Specialised Geo’s highly skilled team of technicians are qualified in twin rope access methods for scaling or accessing hazardous and confined spaces often present in industrial environments. Specialised Geo complies with stringent international standards of safety and operation when carrying out twin rope access activities.

Specialised Geo’s industrial rope access services include:

  • Technician access through the use of twin rope methods
  • Emergency works
  • Infrastructure inspection and testing
  • Infrastructure repair
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • Evaluation and reporting to client.

Why use rope access for industrial projects?

Twin rope access is highly efficient in industrial environments where access is hazardous or spaces are confined. The time and cost advantages created by using rope access also take pressure off industrial program budgets. Set up and implementation of a rope access project with Specialised Geo involves a fraction of the time it can take to construct scaffolding to create the same access.

Safety compliance

Specialised Geo personnel are highly experienced in rope access applications and are trained in TRAC level II. The TRAC system is a safe method of rope access which was approved by WorkCover in 1993 and which has also received a mining and construction industry safety innovation award.
The TRAC system is used by defence personnel, vertical rescue, mines rescue, tower rescue and industrial rope access personnel in various parts of the world.

Ask us about industrial rope access

Specialised Geo has exceptional skills in the application of twin rope access for industrial construction and maintenance programs. We use the latest technology in rope access methods and equipment, enabling us to solve even the most challenging access problems in industrial environments. Contact us to discuss how our rope access services can meet your industrial project needs.

Crane Box Access

Specialised Geo has two Australian approved man boxes with full roof protection.
This technique involves using a 25T crane up to the desired size required to complete various works.
Typical works involve access to narrow railway corridors, extremely high embankments, other embankments where access directly below or above prohibits other forms and/or where conditions are
too vulnerable to place other types of equipment below unstable strata.

Man Portable Equipment

Typically utilised where there is absolutely no other way to access the site using mechanical aids, these rigs can be carried into position in various sections and put together to complete drilling works.
We can offer pneumatic rigs capable of 20 metres deep or hydraulic rigs capable of 100 metres. These rigs can sit directly on the ground, be mounted on scaffold or can be placed on a purpose built trolley.

Rope Access

Rope access provides a solution for extreme areas where the site is typically too high or cost constraints prohibit other methods.
Rope access is a widely accepted method of accessing difficult locations throughout the mining and gas industry.
With strict training, rules and regulations, this method has proven itself safe and efficient where required. Specialised Geo has extensive experience in this approach.

Elevated Work Platform

This is the most common type of method used for working at heights.
The machines vary from 45ft to 145ft with various options in basket size 4×4, hydraulic tracks and electric machines.
Specialised Geo has completed various works such as shotcreting, drilling, grouting and various civil works


Specialised Geo uses helicopters to carry compressors, drill rigs and other equipment to mountainous regions that would deny equipment access via vehicle or foot. This process can be extremely efficient with proper planning and management. Specialised Geo has the ability to use equipment that is under 1000kg allowing us to use a far more cost effective helicopter versus big lift machines which result in very high costs for the client.