Passive Mitigation

Passive Mitigation

Rockfall Netting

Drapery meshing is used, in conjunction with scaling, as an economical solution to mitigate the rock face surface debris being deflected unsafely into environments or infrastructure.

The type of drapery selected is based on the volume of debris and the constraints at the toe of the rock face.
Vast areas can be installed rapidly utilising the skill and expertise of our specialised team, and engineered equipment.

Rockfall Barriers

Flexible rockfall barriers or catch fences are energy absorbing through deformation, enabling the flexible fence to withstand energies typically in the range of 100kj to 5000kj. The Specialised Geo team is highly experienced in constructing and installing rock catch fences in a variety of challenging environments.

Fixed post fences and barriers do not have upslope anchors. This can benefit the client as the area required beyond the fence is reduced compared to the flexible fence, because during impact, the energy will be transferred through the mesh, posts and lateral anchors.

Rock Splitting

With the latest technology from Europe, and with safety always the priority, Specialised Geo can split rocks without the use of explosives.

Mechanical, hydraulically driven breakers are man portable, achieving safe and exact results in any terrain, while minimising the impact on the surrounding environment.