12 01/14

SpecGeo CEO Rachel Metcalf presented to BBOCGS members

Specialised GEO’s CEO Rachel Metcalf was honoured to present to the sponsors and members of the Bowen Basin Open Cut Geotechnical Society (BBOCGS) during its last quarter meeting held at Clermont Mine in Queensland on 12th December 2013.

Rachel, in her presentation, provided an overview of Specialised Geo as a company, and respectively presented its capabilities in the area of geotechnical engineering, specifically its expertise in slope and ground stabilisation.

About BBOCGS: BBOCGS is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Bowen Basin in Queensland, Australia, with more than 80 members that include geotechs, consultants, suppliers, students and others with interest in the coal geotechnics, and is being sponsored by Peabody Energy, IDS Australasia, XStract, Mining One, Trilab, Ground Probe, Maptek and Specialised Geo. The organisation aims to advance the knowledge of all factors affecting the design, construction and operation of open cut coal mines in the Bowen Basin.

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