08 03/16

Specialised Geo Started a BeyondBlue Bash Campaign



The crew at Specialised Geo are hosting a beyondblue Bash to help raise money for research, awareness and support for those suffering from anxiety and depression.
In an industry filled with tough, hard-working men it is easy to fall into the trap thinking and believing tough blokes working in dangerous conditions would ever feel depressed and anxious.
This stigma leads everyone to believe it is a sign of weakness in your character and as a result these toxic feelings of doubt, insecurity and self-worth are suppressed, bottled up… joked about when in reality they need help.
Depression and anxiety in men can manifest in other ways such as alcohol and substance abuse, gambling addiction, aggression or fits of rage… overall bad choices that have a ripple effect on loved ones.
This #beyondblueBash is a great time to get our guys together and share a true blue BBQ, have a blue Gatorade or two, and have a basketball shoot-out competition. You never know, it might just have the right impact to bring someone out of a very deep, dark place we never knew they were struggling with in the first place.


Click this link to support Specialised Geo’s campaign.

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